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We were in London last week and did exactly that. We visited Katrin Hempel of London Natural Therapies and she arranged for us to have two Ultra High-Dose Ozone (HDO) therapy treatments (see WILTW January 23, 2020) and infusions of immune-boosting and anti-viral IV cocktails. Hempel tells us these are far superior to oral supplementation and in combination are the most powerful and effective strategy against COVID-19 and any other bacteria or viruses.

Yesterday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that up to 70% of the population is likely to be infected with the coronavirus that is currently spreading around the world. She added that since there was currently no cure the focus had to be on slowing its spread.

Hempel pointed out that Chinese officials have publicly stated several times that high-dose IV vitamin C is an effective treatment for coronavirus COVID-19. Chinese officials have urged their citizens to have these infusions to help fight the virus and to ward off infection from the virus.

Hempel believes Ultra High-Dose Ozone (HDO) with IV therapy during the same session is a much more effective antidote to COVID-19 than IV vitamin C. Unfortunately, we were only in London for one week. Had we stayed longer we would have continued this therapy plan over several weeks. We will get back there as soon as circumstances permit.

Here is what Hempel told us about the treatments we received:

Ultra High-Dose Ozone (HDO) therapy is one of the most potent anti-viral, anti-microbial therapies available. It safely and quickly eliminates any virus. It has been shown to be effective against Ebola, which has proven to be non-responsive to almost all conventional and non-traditional therapies. It also has a very strong immune-boosting impact. It activates the immune system like no other therapy and provides systemic antiinflammatory and anti-oxidant protective mechanism that helps every cell in your body to
cope better with an already ongoing infection. It also will reduce the severity and length of the infection. Ideally, it prevents you from becoming infected by providing invaluable immune protective and activating properties. This will help you to remain safe and maintain optimal health during a viral pandemic.

For even stronger protection, it is recommended you receive an IV cocktail treatment immediately after the ozone therapy. This will maximize the ozone benefits and help to nourish and boost your immune cells even more. These cocktails should be highly specialised, German-manufactured and strict-quality-controlled IV solutions. They are a world away in quality from the standard and routine infusions, such as Myer’s cocktails, most of which are made in China.

In addition, it is recommended to receive a specialised “2 phase immune IV”. This contains an optimal mix of certain vitamins and minerals that work on optimising immune function. It should be taken with a unique, activated form of glutathione (s-acetyl-glutathione), which is more potent than the standard form of glutathione.

Glutathione has been shown to have very strong immune-boosting qualities. It also provides benefits to every single cell in the body. Glutathione is the key and most potent anti-oxidant in the human body. However, the standard glutathione that is used in IVs has a half-life of 1.6 minutes. Ten minutes after the infusion, the glutathione can’t even be detected in the blood. On the other hand, this new form of glutathione, if used in an infusion, can still be found in the blood one hour after the treatment. This means it can provide an optimal impact on the body at all levels.

Most people’s glutathione levels are low due to high-toxicity, chronic exhaustion of the endocrine system from stress, high exposure to free radicals, etc. If your glutathione levels are low, then your immune system is unable to function efficiently leaving you vulnerable to viral infections. (Glutathione is also essential for heavy-metal detox.)

Apart from the “2 phase immune boosting IV” it is recommended you receive a unique Coenzyme Q10 infusion. This provides a very high level of the all-important coenzyme which is essential for energy production in the body. If your levels are low then your immune system can’t function properly.

Coenzyme Q10 infusion is especially important to help improve the phagocytosis action of the macrophages— which is an important part of a healthy immune defence. The infusion will also help to raise energy production in all cells. It also improves cardio-vascular function and health, reduces oxidative stress, lowers cholesterol levels and improves blood-sugar regulation and improves neuro-degenerative conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. You will feel totally revitalised 30 minutes after the infusion.

Additionally, it is recommended you also receive resveratrol and curcumin infusions, and a combination IV resveratrol/curcumin. Resveratrol has direct anti-viral capabilities and will help to shorten the duration of a cold/flu, while supporting respiratory health. It is a potent systemic anti-inflammatory, has anti-diabetic and anti-aging effects, is a strong antioxidant and is used for adjuvant cancer therapies.

Curcumin is a potent immune stimulator and modulator, having a broad effect on T/B cells, macrophages and other immune components. It has a poor oral bioavailability, hence infusion is by far the most effective route of administration. It is a strong systemic antiinflammatory, it is cardio-reno-and pulmonary protective and one of its key indications is chronic or acute lung disease. It is ideally suited to prevent respiratory infections and has a direct protective effect of the lungs. It will also be very effective in shortening the recovery time of an already existing infection. Curcumin IV is also widely used for tumour therapy (especially metastasis) and prophylaxis.

Finally, we recommend an exclusive new formulation of olive-water extract infusion, which is very high in polyphenols. This is not only a powerful immune booster but also has a direct anti-biotic effect.

It is also effective against MRSA, H. pylori and a variety of other bacteria. It has a direct immune boosting and modulatory effect on the intestinal mucosal immune system. It is unique in its ability to exert strong anti-aging and cell-rejuvenating effects, it is a potent antioxidant and strengthens the male uro-genital tract, improving prostate health and increasing libido. It is also important for cancer prevention, it is antirheumatic, and can protect against neuro-degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s. It is also very effective for the treatment of gout and has been shown to be effective for stroke prevention.

This unique product is being manufactured exclusively from organic olives harvested from an ancient olive grove in Tuscany. It is the first product worldwide that contains the amazing health-boosting ingredients of the vegetation water of cold-pressed olives, with its liquid Phyto complex more than 20 times more concentrated than extra virgin olive oil.

For those who don’t have access to an Ultra High-Dose Ozone therapy, Hempel recommends IVs with 50g of vitamin C once or twice a week. Hospitals are hotbeds for viral transmission, but nurses frequently can give you the IV at home. There also are a number of services that offer home delivery of infusions.