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Acupuncture is an ancient therapy, which uses thin needles at certain points on the body, to restore the originally disturbed flow of Qi/energy to its original harmony.

According to Chinese Medicine, Qi flows in specific channels/meridians throughout the body. If that flow becomes disturbed, illness and pain can manifest. There are many factors that can disrupt Qi, like weather/environmental influences, emotions, stress, infections or wrong diet etc. Deeper, more chronic conditions can develop over time if the imbalance is left untreated.

Acupuncture is an efficient way to help the system to regain balance and thus become free of disease. 

Acupuncture has been shown to be particularly effective in hormonal imbalances (female reproductive problems, infertility) and pain (migraines, arthritic pain etc.). There are multiple clinical studies proving the effectiveness of acupuncture in infertility cases and pain conditions, like chronic lower back pain. The NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) issued new guidelines to the NHS recommending the use of acupuncture as effective treatment option for back pain. In pregnancy acupuncture can help to relieve nausea and headaches safely and efficiently.

Cupping is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine also. Small glass cups are applied with gentle vacuum to the skin, which can be left stationary or slowly moved over the body. The pleasant suction action perceived is very relaxing and helps to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage as well as removal of toxins and blockages.