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PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma / Platelet Rich Fibrin PRF Therapy

London Natural Therapies

Revolutionary and innovative treatment used by leading athletes (Nadal, Tiger Woods) worldwide for healing of soft tissue injuries and made popular by celebrities known as ‘vampire facelift’ for its incredible skin rejuvenating, wrinkle reducing and youthful glow enhancing properties.

PRP and PRF is made from whole blood and contains a concentration of platelets, fibrin (PRF) and over 1000 biologically active proteins, enzymes, growth factors and other components important for tissue healing and repair.

With PRP / PRF treatments your own blood is used, so there isn’t any risk of side effects or adverse reactions. We use a special method to separate the blood cells and liquid from the platelet rich plasma, which is rich in growth factors, anti-inflammatory substances and cell and stem cell activating factors. When this plasma gets re-injected it will help boost new collagen and elastin production, stimulate new blood vessel formation and also helps to build new dermis, to promote plump, youthful glowing and rejuvenated skin.

PRP / PRF can be used by Microneedling or injections – we use both methods so you get the most benefits from the treatment. There can be some redness or bruising afterwards, which should subside within 48-72hrs.

The main benefits of PRP / PRF facelifts are TIGHTER, REJUVENATED skin, which is plump and smoother with an admirable GLOW and EVEN COMPLEXION and improved skin texture. The process is minimally invasive and the treatment is comfortable with minimal pain and a very short recovery time.

The positive effects of a PRP treatment are long lasting (up to 24 months) and it is recommended to do frequent treatments especially in the beginning (weekly or fortnightly) to help achieve best and outstanding results fast and with lasting dramatic effect.

PRP/ PRF facial rejuvenation therapy can be further enhanced by using a vitamin mix and hyaluronic acid directly on the skin during Microneedling, which increases absorption by about 40 times (compared to normal topical absorption), while bigger wrinkles can also be injected directly for immediate smoothing results.

Additionally we can make the treatment even more potent and effective by using ozone injections and cold laser therapy in combination with the PRP / PRF. Ozone becomes oxygen in the skin and has immense skin healing and repair as well as collagen boosting properties. Ozone is one of the most advanced anti-aging substances we know of. Cold laser can be used on the treated skin areas straight afterwards and also enhances skin healing, repair and stimulates cell health, improves circulation and clear lymphatic congestion.

PRP / PRF therapy is also very effective and beneficial for treatment of hair loss, stimulating the hair follicle directly resulting in impressive hair re-growth, far surpassing other traditional treatments.

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP / Platelet Rich Fibrin PRF Therapy in Sports Medicine

PRP / PRF has been used successfully by many top athletes around the world in all different disciplines like rugby, football, basketball, track and field, tennis and many more. PRP / PRF injections will help to considerably cut recovery time with soft tissue injuries by at least 50% or more and moreover can often help to avoid surgery completely.

This is a remarkable benefit and many elite athletes swear by this therapy as the ONE treatment which makes all the difference and ensures they can continue with their exercise and training routine without too much down time. The sooner an injury gets treated by PRP/ PRF the better, as it will respond faster and the body can start healing and repair processes before the injury may become chronic. However, even old and chronic injuries will still respond to this kind of therapy, so it is never too late. 

The PRP / PRF treatment can be made more potent and effective by using ozone injections as well as homeopathic remedy injections and / or cold laser therapy of the affected area at the same time.

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP / Platelet Rich Fibrin PRF Therapy in Sports Medicine