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Ozone Therapy

London Natural Therapies

Ozone therapy has been a popular form of therapy since the end of the 19th Century and has its origin in Germany. It was first used for its strong and effective antimicrobial properties and for disinfection of drinking water as well as helping people suffering with cholera and typhus.

These days it is used by thousands of doctors and therapists in clinics and hospitals worldwide for its remarkable, unmatched healing properties. Multiple studies that have been conducted show it has far greater benefits than oxygen therapy and its varied application forms make it a sophisticated, powerful and very effective therapy.

Ozone therapy we offer:

  • L1D 20 Pass Ozone Therapy
  • Ozone 10 pass IV treatment (MultiPass Ozone treatment)
  • Ozone IV single pass
  • Ozone insufflations (rectal and vaginal)
  • Ozone injections
  • Ozoneated Olive oil 

L1D 20 Pass Ozone is here and we are pleased to announce that we are one of the few worldwide offering this revolutionary treatment. It is Dr Lahodny’s latest Ozone therapy method.

Medical Ozone is widely used and safe, non-toxic therapy that acts at various levels of the organism to stimulate the body’s own immunity and directly target viruses, bacteria and pathogens, therefore, helping to restore balance.

The latest modality, L1D 20 Pass Ozone Therapy, overtakes already existing 10 Pass Ozone therapy by being the most powerful and effective Ozone Therapy out there. By using ultra high doses it increases effectiveness on all of the healing effects Ozone can offer – especially chronic and considered difficult to treat illnesses.

L1D 20 Pass Ozone Therapy alongside all the other Ozone treatments we offer, can be used as a preventative method for illnesses and conditions.

Benefits are: more rapid and complete action of Ozone for a wide variety of ozone’s expected beneficial effects. These include immune modulation, cardiovascular improvement, pathogen and toxin reduction, anti-inflammatory effect and cosmetic improvements. 

Ozone 10 pass (MultiPass) treatment was developed by Dr Lahodny (Austria), who did extensive research on it and concluded that ozone 10 pass treatment is the only therapy to achieve stem cell activation (unless stem cell therapy is done), which is truly remarkable and surpasses the benefit and therapeutic scope of any other known therapy to date.

We are using only ultra-high dose ozone therapy as per protocols by Dr Lahodny and its regenerative and healing effects are outstanding.

The 10 pass ozone treatment is also very beneficial for any kind of – especially chronic – infections, chronic candida, herpes virus, Lyme disease, Epstein barr virus and glandular fever etc.
We also offer ozone single pass IV therapy and ozone insufflations (rectal and vaginal). Ozone insufflations are excellent for dysbiosis/ overgrowth of the wrong microflora, candida problems etc. Especially chronic problems respond very well to insufflations. It also help with leaky gut and inflammation.

Ozone injections can be excellent to treat inflammation and pain locally, it is also excellent for injuries. The below list is just some examples of ozone’s health benefits, please get in touch if you have any specific questions.

The key benefits of Ozone Therapy are:

  • Marked reduction of inflammation and pain relief
  • Increasing circulation (localised and systemic effect)
  • Improving of wound healing and ulcerations (tremendous results in healing open wounds – for example in diabetic patients with ‘open legs’ or
    in eczema/psoriasis etc)
  • Strong anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-parasite and anti-bacterial properties.
    (has been used successfully to kill the ebola virus etc)
  • Has immune boosting and immune regulatory effects
    (in auto-immune conditions etc)
  • Boosts the metabolism, raises metabolic rate, effective for weight loss
    (has strong systemic effect but can also be used for localised fat deposits)
  • Improves cellular respiration and therefore has a direct positive effect on cell repair/regeneration
  • Increases oxygen content in blood and oxygenation of tissues/cells,
    which has rejuvenating effect
  • Detoxification
  • Has cell-protective properties
  • Deep regulatory stimulus for the whole metabolism and nervous/endocrine


  • Allergies, hayfever
  • Intestinal disorders: IBS, constipation, dysbiosis – overgrowth of wrong microflora, IBD – Chron’s and Ulcerative colitis
  • Angina pectoris and heart conditions
  • Circulatory problems, high blood pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Low immunity, frequent infections, autoimmune conditions
  • ‘open leg’, diabetic leg, skin ulcerations, skin infections or other skin conditions
  • Hairloss and obesity
  • Chronic viral infections, like Hepatitis and Herpes etc.
  • Systemic candidiasis in the digestive system (bloating, diarrhea/constipation, cramping) or trush
  • Injuries, especially infected wounds and slow healing wounds Ozone therapy can be used to benefit the blood (ozone and blood is mixed and re-infused), as rectal or vaginal insufflation, as injection into the muscle or applied to the skin for any inflammatory conditions and to stimulate self-healing.