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VSELs – Very Small Embryonic Like Stem Cells – A QUANTUM LEAP IN STEM CELL THERAPY


The cutting edge in regenerative stem cell therapy and has been shown to be MOST effective in actually REVERSING BIOLOGICAL AGE – as confirmed by TRUDiagnostic testing, who provide the worldwide most advanced biological age test by checking DNA methylation sites. VSELs secrete telomerase, an enzyme which restores the DNA telomere ends, which is directly linked to longevity, cellular rejuvenation and vitality.


VSELs are unique as they are true pluripotent cells and can become almost any cell in the body – making it an extraordinary tool for healing and repair of any diseased or compromised tissue anywhere in the body. Unlike embryonic stem cells however, they have no known cancer causing properties.


They are small enough to cross blood-brain barrier and can provide invaluable benefit in neuro-degenerative and age-related neurological conditions


VSEL-Therapy much easier than former stem cell therapies which involved bone marrow or fat cell removal. It only requires removal of some blood through the vein.

We then separate the VSELs using state-of-the-art cellular processing technology. Once isolated the VSELS are exposed to very cold temperatures to simulate hypothermia, which strongly activates VSELs. Finally we combine the VSELs with powerful Growth Factors harvested from your own platelet cells from your own blood sample.

The VSELs and Growth Factors can now be returned to your body as an IV drip or can also be used as injection to focus on particular areas to help intensify local healing and repair mechanisms.


It can also be used as wonderful ANTI-AGING FACIAL and HAIR REJUVENATION treatment- with incredible results which are second to none!


VSELS are the future of stem cell therapy and the most potent tool to date to improve health on all levels!


Patients report feeling the miraculous benefits of VSEL therapy anywhere from 2 days to 6 months post treatment.