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Katrin - London Natural Therapies

Katrin Hempel

I am an energetic, enthusiastic and experienced naturopathic doctor with a great passion and commitment to the health and well-being of my patients.

I always had an interest in medicine and healing and have been working in the health industry for more than 20 years including working for London Institute of Neurology as a biomedical scientist. After obtaining a degree as medical scientist in Germany in 1998 I moved to Australia, where I studied Naturopathy, Herbalism, Homoeopathy, Nutrition and Iridology, qualifying as a Naturopathic Doctor and obtaining a bachelor degree in Health Science.

Looking for new challenges and to further my skills and education I moved to the UK, working as a natural therapist, whilst regularly travelling to Germany and other European countries to gain more skills and knowledge. I am collaborating with many highly experienced and skilled therapists in different countries to draw from a vast pool of knowledge for the best of all my clients.

I specialize in bioresonance to provide fast, accurate and in-depth diagnostics, which is extremely useful to detect exactly where the problems and imbalances lie. Based on these results I can compose an individual tailor-made treatment plan for each client, we use highly potent therapies like ozone and infusion therapy, that will shift even complicated and chronic cases.

I am forever learning and gaining more knowledge in all areas of natural and integrated medicine by regularly attending conferences / seminars and workshops worldwide.

I am forever striving to provide the utmost of professional and exceptional care to every individual client.

Alexandra - London Natural Therapies

Alexandra Novo Silva

I am Alexandra, and I am a qualified registered nurse. I hold both a nursing degree and a pharmaceutical marketing degree since 2007.

I have started my career in Portugal in pharmaceutical industry where soon I realised was not the route I wanted to take when helping people manage their disease.

I strongly believe in patient-centered approach through integrative medicine, so obtaining my nurse degree was a must.

I am a multidisciplinary nurse with many years of clinical experience from working at some of the busiest medical centers across Europe (Portugal, Spain, France, United Kingdom).

I am dedicated, lively and positive and I have acquired interpersonal skills and work ethic from different work environments.

Once in London, I have enhanced my experience outside of the hospital environment, focusing on integrative medicine researching and providing holistic care for diverse multigenerational patient population with a broad range of clinical issues.

This led me to establish a portfolio of elite international clients, while developing extensive experience and business knowledge.

I have been collecting courses throughout the years and stayed up to date with the current research and new developments in the integrative medicine industry.

Becoming One

Katrin and Alexandra have started their careers separately prior to becoming business partners. Their passion and commitment for a more patient-centered approach rapidly created an amazing wellness journey that began in 2017, when Alexandra joined Katrin and her reputable and successful existing practice – London Natural Therapies.

Sharing the same passion and fundamental principles in healing to improve health conditions, thus achieving better health, they have created a reputable brand that combines cutting edge science and natural therapies. Based on creating an opportunity to sustain long-term wellbeing.