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We are pleased to announce that London Natural Therapies will now be able to offer comprehensive Coronavirus antibody testing. With so many affected, both physically and mentally by the COVID-19, this quick and simple diagnostic offers instant results that help put your mind at ease, protect those closest to you, and do your part to improve the health and safety of the general public.

Antibody Tests will detect traces of COVID-19 in both patients that are displaying symptoms, and those that appear to be 100% asymptomatic. If you are at all concerned about being a carrier and passing the virus onto older, more vulnerable friends and family without your knowledge due to a lack of symptoms- you may very well wish to conduct a test purely for peace of mind.

Thankfully, testing is now available to the public, and are conducted on site or can be posted to you, and will provide conclusive results in as little as 10 minutes, simply by looking at antibodies present in your small blood sample.